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This is a simplified summary of a very complicated and burocratic process.

We make it all easy for you!

1. Planning your business


The first thing you need to do in order to pursue a business in Brazil is a business plan which includes all local taxes, local bills, and local mandatory fees and employee benefits. We can help you making the business plan by just fillig out a simple form for us. Your business plan is ready to be analyzed by you in less than a week.


2. Produce and Gather all documentation


Following the review and approval of you business plan we move on to start the procedure to open your own Brazilian company.

We produce a Brazilian Articles of Association (or By-Laws) for your company based on the information given by you. All the legal shareholders need to sign it. At the same time, we will require a list of official documents from all shareholders, which can be people or companies. This will be a long list and we will wait patiently until you are able to get everything.

3. Register all documentation


It is not simple to register the documentation prepared in Brazil. We need to first visit notaries and get certified signatures, then we will go to the Commercial Association (Trading board) of your state and file the contracts. You will also need to bring two different taxes paid with the documentation. These taxes are based on your type of company. They usually take about two weeks to a month to come back with questions or with the accepted stamped contract. 

4. Fix any issues or extra requests


It is very common for the Commercial Association to reply to your filing pointing some issues or some paragraphs in the contract to be modified. They are picky, so don't stress. It is normal for us go back back there twice or three times before they accept all documentation. And there is not a recipe for success, every different analyser has a different opinion, so we try to do what they are asking for. We garantee to have your papers accepted though.

5. Proceed to other agencies after acceptance


After we have the stamped accepted contract in hands, we have to go to other government agencies like the Federal Revenue Department (our IRS) and the local state and city Revenue departments. After giving them other documents and forms, they will issue us a Brazilian Company tax number (CNPJ) and the company's license to perform its services on the desired address (Alvará).

6. Help with bank account and growth


In our experience, we usually take one to two months to have your company legally registered in Brazil. After recieving those documents we help opening the company's bank account (which is not very simple here) and with other mandatory issues, like finding good accountants, registering with local associations, with desired vendors (this can also be complicated) and explaining a bit of how taxes work in Brazil.

We can help your growth any way you need.  

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