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Open your company in Brazil


Fastest, cheapest and easiest way to open your company in Brazil

Learn the steps to open a company in Brazil

Click here to find a summary of the main steps to open a legal official company in Brazil. The country can be a very burocratic and complicated place to work. However, we  give you all the necessary tools and advices, give you a new company in your name in the minimum amount of time possible.


Our fees are the lowest in the market. 

We offer you a no risk service, where you do not have to pay anything extra even if we have to do extra work for registering your company.

Click here to find our detailed costs.

Why choose us?

We are not your usual law firm. We are a mix of lawyers, economists and entrepreneurs who have years of experience in bringing foreign companies to brazil, and opening companies for foreign investors. We have easy access to government organizations, and fast solutions to deal with the local burocracy. 

Your company's future

Our work does not finish when we register your company.

We can offer you legal advice, legal representation, administrative and financial services, business address, and help you hire local qualified personnel. 

Click here to learn all additional services we can offer to you and your company.


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