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If you do you find the answer to your questions here, please do not hesitate on contacting us.


How long does the whole process of opening a legal Brazilian  company take?


We have the local knowledge to be able to perfom this task much faster than others, in addition we hire specialized brokers in each institution in order to file company registration faster. The whole process, until the end, usually takes 2 to 3 months.


What is the fastest way of getting replies?


The fastest way is trusting our advice and solutions. Sometimes you have to write specific things in your By Laws or Articles of Association so the local instutions can accept your paperwork without asking for modifications. Also, we garantee that we have the best lawyers and brokers in this market to solve your issues as soon as possible. 


I do not like to do business over the internet. Can I meet you in person?


Yes, definetely. We are open to conference calls (Skype, Blue Jeans, Facetime) as well we personal meetings. We are located in Brazil, but depending on your need we can travel to your home country to present our services in person and sign agreements.


Is there anything that is not included in the fixed price you give for opening a company?


All the legal requirements and all official documentation necessary to open your company in Brazil is included in this fixed price.We will offer you extra services, also at a fixed price, if you decide to hire them. Those can include: financial advice, legal representation after the company is open, administrative support, human resources support, accouting support. We can help you bring your company from just being a document to being a live profitable organization.


Can you ship the final documents to me in another country?


Yes. We can use your preferred method of shipping also, like FEDEX, UPS or DHL.  We can charge your own account directly, so you do not have to pay anything extra to us, or we can use our account and request this value from you. 


After my company is open, what are the legal yearly obligations I have with the Brazilian Government?


You have to have a Brazilian accountant taking care of your company. That is mandatory. You can choose to use any local company or an international one (more expensive), but you need an accountant with Brazilian registration signing off on your yearly statements. You have to pay several taxes if your perform any services or sell any products in Brazil. We can explain and list each one depending on your business. Even if your company is dormant, you need to show the bank transactions and file for "dormant" activity with the government every year. We can help you with all these processes. 

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